You can now add not only pictures of your products, but also a quick video showing your product in movement, being worn, or just to scale. Whatever your product does or is capable of, let your potential customers see it in better detail.

Here’s a look.

You can also add a video at the end after all additional images.

To do so, follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to Products > Products and select the product you want to add a video to.

  1. Switch to the Add-ons tab and locate the settings in the YouTube section.

  • YouTube link—Enter the URL of the video to the field. You can enter the end part of the URL. For example, if the video URL is, take the 1bMc1fPx7Kg part.
  • Show YouTube video on the product page—Define whether you want to show/hide the added video on the product details page.
  • Replace the main image—If enabled, the video will be shown instead of the main product image on the product details page.

  • Position—Define position of the video among product images. For example, if you enter 3, the video will be placed third after two product images.

  1. Click Save and preview the product.

Alternatively, you can enter a URL to the video right on the products list page:

Adding videos to multiple products

To quickly add videos to multiple products:

  1. Go to Products > Products.
  2. Select the necessary products, click the gear button in the top right corner and select Edit selected.

  1. Click Unselect all and select the YouTube link box. Click Modify selected.

  1. Enter URLs to videos and click Save.